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EFI ECT with ASAP3, OBR PCM2 power module and membrane panel software

Software for OBR ECU Communication Kits OB252 & OB256

Description Downloads
ECT USB Interface Drivers

ECT Pseudo Programmer

ECT Communication Server
Server for CAN communication.
ecucommserver-2-15-2-3.exe ( exe 2.83 MB )

ECT Engine Management Tool release version 746
The ECU communication tool includes option for ASAP3 communication used for automated test procedures. Please contact OBR Control Systems if you need database files for any of the current OBR engine management systems. Release date May 24, 2024.
setup_obr_ect_4_12_746_0.exe ( exe 18.57 MB )

ECT Software Guide 2.3 (June 2020) for ECT Tool versions from 609
ect_guide_2-3_2020-ndm.pdf ( pdf 8.48 MB )

Optional Software Programs for OBR Engine Management Kit

Description Downloads
ECT ECU Data Logger Setup
This program activates the internal ECU data logger in Euro 4, 5, 6, 8, 12.

Ford 7.3 V8 'Godzilla' Control Pack Installation Guide

Description Downloads
Ford 7.3 V8 'Godzilla' Control Pack Installation Guide 06.2024
Check out how simple and straightforward the installation of the Ford 7.3 V8 crate engine control pack is. Please note, that the OBR wiring harness is a replacement for the original harness, finished with the right lengths and connectors for a perfect fitment and for all standard sensors and actuators. Once fitted, you have to connect 3 (THREE) wires for the power supply and ignition switch, then you can start the engine - once the fuel line is connected. We have done all the hard work - no calibration work is required for a standard crate engine! Updated June 2024.

CAN Data Export

Description Downloads
CAN Data Specifications
can2-data-export.pdf ( pdf 0.43 MB )

Software for 48 Channel Power Control Module

Description Downloads
Power Control Module 2 (PCM2) firmware and PC software bundle
PCM2 v1.47 ( zip 1.04 MB )

PCM2 pass-through for ECU CAN interface
Pass through software allows communication with PCM2 through ECU interface EFP02 or EFT20.
Setup EFI J2534 171 ( zip 0.52 MB )

Power Control Module 2 (PCM2) and MSP handbook

Software for Membrane Switch Panel

Description Downloads
Membrane Switch Panel (MSP) firmware and PC software bundle ( zip 0.3 MB )

Software for PCM LITE 2021 Power Control Module

Description Downloads
PCM LITE tool 2.10
Download the PC tool version 2.10 and handbook for use with PCM LITE. This release includes an updated firmware version, 2.03. Unzip the file and place all data files in the same folder. August 11, 2021.

PCM2 LITE Handbook
This handbook describes the installation and configuration of our PCM2 LITE power distribution module, including the membrane panels and steering wheel CAN controllers.

Modular Software for old OBR ECU's - Euro-1 / Euro-6 / Euro-12 (No Longer Supported)

Description Downloads
Modular ECT version 3.7.23 (no longer supported)
Only download and install this software if you have an older OBR ECU - for example Euro-1, Euro--6 and the EF709 version A/B/C/D Euro-12. Unzip the file and run the 'SetupHelper' exe file found in the 'SetupHelper' folder. ( zip 16.42 MB )

ECT Modular Handbook for release 3.7.23 (no longer supported)
Please contact OBR Control Systems if you need data files for any of these old engine management systems.
ect-mod-3-7-23.pdf ( pdf 1.07 MB )