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OBR Crate Engine Kits

Ford 7.3 V8 'Godzilla' Crate Engine Kit Ford 7.3 V8 'Godzilla' Crate Engine Kit
Ford 7.3 V8 'Godzilla' Crate Engine Kit thumb Ford 7.3 V8 'Godzilla' Crate Engine Kit thumb


P/N# Model Description Price in USD
OB202-G Godzilla Controller kit for Godzilla crate engine 3550

Ford 7.3 V8 'Godzilla' Crate Engine Kit

OBR has put together an engine control pack for Ford's 7.3 V8 'Godzilla' engine. 
This kit includes our new OBR E8G controller, a bespoke OBR engine wiring harness (build using motorsports high quality wire) and a manifold air pressure and temperature sensor.
All standard sensors, actuators and drive-by-wire throttle body are used, no exchange of parts is required.

Updating the ECU and the tune for use with for example a performance camshaft, a supercharger or turbo are quite straight forward calibration wise. 
Several of our dealers are already offering various performance updates.

What the kit includes....

Our kit for the 7.3 V8 'Godzilla' engine is based on our E8G ECU.  This controller is specially configured to control ALL standard features on the Ford engine, you do NOT have to change or modify any sensor or actuator on the engine.

Our base kit includes:
- OBR E8G stand alone engine controller
- New OBR high quality engine wiring harness for our E8G controller and with standard Ford connectors for sensors, actuators, coils and injectors.
- E8G controller with a calibration for the standard crate engine using standard fuel injectors, ignition coils, throttle body and all sensors.
- Bosch TMAP air pressure and air temperature sensor used for calibration.

This kit:
- Controls the standard drive-by-wire throttle body, reading its data stream directly.
- Controls the variable camshaft timing in closed loop.
- Controls the variable oil pressure in closed loop.

Kit options include:
- Power relay and fuse box, controls for main power relay, fuel pump and cooling fan
- Ford drive-by-wire throttle pedal with wiring
- Optional closed loop fuel control by adding 2 x wide band lambda sensors to the kit.
- Fuel pressure sensor
- Upgrade kit with injectors, new TMAP sensor plus upgraded calibration for boosted engines

Our kit is supplied through selected specialist dealers across the country, these tuning shops can access E8G's software features.
So if you are thinking about modifying your engine, for example by fitting a high performance camshaft, fitting a supercharger or going for a turbo solution, our kit is easily updated to accept such changes.