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High tech spark plug wires and spark plugs for Ford Godzilla V8 7.3 Engines

Spark plug wires for Ford Godzilla engines


P/N# Model Description Price in USD
OB410 Ignition High temperature, high performance plug wires. Set of 8. Strongly recommended, we use these in our test engines. 235

Spark plug wires for Ford Godzilla engines

OBR offers high performance and high quality plug wires for the Ford Godzilla 7.3 V8 engines. They are made with thick black silicone cable covered fiberglass sleeve, heat resistant to in excess of 1,000 deg F. Coil and plug boots are made with ultra high temperature 45 degree boots with high temperature silicone tape on the spark plug boot. Tabs are stainless steel with a very positive feeling when connected. Highly recommended on a high performance engine.

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