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Boost Control Valve, Pressure, Temperature and Lambda Sensors & Wiring Harnesses for any EFI Installation from OBR

Boost Control Valve


P/N# Model Description Price in USD
OB401 Turbo Boost control solenoid valve 85

Boost Control Valve

3-way solenoid boost control valve for use with all OBR EFI controllers.  High air flow rate ensures quick and precise control of the boost air pressure. 
The valve is driven by a 32 Hz frequency signal from the ECU and can be used with 10 to 90% duty cycle. 

When the applied duty cycle is less than 10%, the boost pressure is determined by the internal waste gate spring force.
The higher the duty cycle, the higher the actual boost pressure.

This valve can be used with turbo's having either an internal waste gate or an external 2-chamber waste gate.
It is supplied complete with a connector, 2 hose fittings and an air filter.

Internal Waste Gate:
Connection 1 = air relief
Connection 2 = to waste gate
Connection 3 = to turbo outlet pressure