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OBR Control Systems Inc is a world wide supplier of automotive electronics. We specialize in OEM engine controllers for prototype engine development and engine testing as well as for motorsports. Engine systems can be supplied for engines having up to 16 cylinders with direct injection, port injection or a combination of the two. Systems can be supplied for gasoline as well as for diesel engines. OBR products are used in the most demanding environments ensuring performance and reliability.

Euro-12 for Automotive Development and Motorsports


P/N# Model Crank and Cam Triggers Price in USD
EFR18B Engines with up to 12 cylinders VR and Hall effect sensor inputs 5200

Euro-12 for Automotive Development and Motorsports

Management system for engines having up to 12 cylinders
Dual drive-by-wire with individual control
Variable camshaft timing for up to 4 cams
Wide band lambda sensor inputs with automatic closed loop fuel mapping
Paddle shift with closed loop control
Traction control
3 x CAN 2.0 ports for data import and export
Built-in 128 Mb high-speed data logger
Software for direct injection engines (requires external DI driver module - see EFR14)

System overview

  • Aircraft grade aluminum enclosure with motorsport connectors
  • PowerPC microprocessor
  • 16 cylinder fully sequential fuel injection
  • Dual-stage fuel injection for stand off injectors
  • 12 ignition outputs for both logic and inductive coils
  • Dual drive-by-wire throttle PID control
  • On-board 128 Mb data logger with high speed sampling rate (200hz)
  • Automatic fuel mapping
  • Fuel mass control with DI/PFI split
  • Up to 3 DI injections each stroke with individual angle and time delay
  • Closed-loop dual lambda control
  • Closed-loop dual boost control
  • Closed-loop traction control
  • Closed-loop paddle shift control
  • Closed-loop variable camshaft control (VCT, VVT, VANOS etc.)
  • Closed-loop direct injection fuel pump Bosch and Hitachi (external driver required)
  • Closed-loop water pump control
  • Closed-loop pit lane speed control
  • Closed-loop idle control (ETB, stepper motor, ISC valve and ignition)
  • Possible to connect up to 18 wide band lambda sensors
  • 6 selectable calibrations


  • 37 user-defined analog inputs (0-5v)
  • 13 user-defined digital inputs
    • Digital inputs can be assigned to SENT technology sensors 
  • 16 user defined CAN inputs (analog and digital switch)
  • 8 trigger inputs (Hall/VR) for crank and cam sensors
    • User-defined (Crank, Cam, wheel-speed and turbocharger speed)
  • 4 knock sensor inputs (8 cylinder individual knock retard)
  • Built-in wide band lambda controllers (with self mapping fuel control)
  • Built-in barometric pressure sensor


  • 12 fuel injector drivers
    • 12 fuel cylinder individual fuel trim
    • Two stages with 6 cylinder staged injection
    • Multi fuel system with 8 cylinder direct injectors and 8 cylinder port injectors with DI/PFI blend
  • 12 inductive and 12 logic ignition drivers
  • Boost control for solenoid valves and e-waste gates
  • 22 multipurpose PWM and switch outputs
  • 2 wide band lambda sensor heaters
  • 3 electronic full H-bridge drivers
    • Electronic throttle body control
    • Electronic waste gate control
    • Electronic EGR control
  • 10 independent 5V sensor power supply


  • Ethernet
  • 3 CAN 2.0B interfaces
  • Multiple pre-programmed and user defined CAN export and import
    • FIA RX datalogger
    • Bosch ABS data import
    • General data import and export
    • VW Dash protocol (500Kbit)
  • 16 CAN identifiers available for export
  • 4 CAN identifiers available for import

Special features

  • Dual electronic waste gate control
  • 5 engine maps (map/calibration switching while running)
  • 2 lambda sensors for individual closed loop PID cylinder trim
  • 4 individual Knock amplifiers
  • Special engine trigger patterns including several for motorcycle engines
  • Control strategy for paddle shift and air compressor
  • Control strategy for sequential closed loop gear change
  • Gear depended traction control with target slip maps and PID control
  • Pit lane, launch and external adjustable manual limiter
  • Programmable firing order
  • Comprehensive CAN features
  • Launch control (with advanced rpm vs time curved)
  • Special version available with fully encrypted software
  • Programmable RPM and launch cut patterns
  • Drag race features with time control
    • Electronic throttle body offset
    • Spark advance/retard offset
    • Boost target offset


  • Dimensions (very small and light)
    • Weight 580g (16 oz.)
    • 186 x 134 x 26mm  (7 1/8" x 5 1/4" x 1")
    • All aluminum and high-end vibration stable SMD PCB
  • 3 Motorsport connectors with high pin density (198 in total)

Condition for use

  • Temperature range -40 to 125 Celsius (-40 to 257 Fahrenheit)
  • Power supply 7-16v
  • Splash-proof


These parts are legal for sale and use on uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) vehicles and on off-road racing vehicles ONLY.

WARNING: It is against the law to install these parts on an emissions controlled vehicle

All OBR products are exclusively manufactured for racing purposes. Installing these products on any vehicle eliminates the legal use, in any capacity, on public roads/highways and may be subject to fines and/or criminal liability as per the Clean Air Act.

Product information

Description Downloads
OBR Euro-12 product information
Model EFR18
OBR Euro 12.pdf ( pdf 2.55 MB )


Description Downloads
Euro-12 Pinout PDF
Model EFR18
Euro 12 pinout.pdf ( pdf 0.06 MB )