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Drag Race Software - Dodge Hemi, Ford Coyote, Ford 7.3 V8 and GM LS/LT Engines

EFI Software & OBR ECUs for Drag Racing for Dodge Hemi, Ford 5.0 V8 Coyote, Ford 7.3 V8 Godzilla and General Motors LS and LT Engines

Fun Days In Bradenton - Mustang with Godzilla

Fun Days In Bradenton - Mustang with Godzilla

We are running the Mustang in Bradenton (FL) with Paul's High Performance from Jackson (MI).
The engine is stock and controlled by our controller pack.  Our drag racing software lets us control the engine behavior throughout the run and giving us vital information about speed and accelerations.
The standard tach is supplemented with an SDM-550 PLEX dashboard.

The car does the run in 10.32 seconds with a top speed in excess of 128 mph.