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Engine management systems

OBR control systems is an award winning world leader in the supply of motorsport electronics. Specializing in engine, power and communication management systems. Our products are used in the world's most demanding environments ensuring performance and reliability.

Euro 2


P/N# Model Crank And cam Trigger Price in USD
EFM13B-000 Euro 2 ECU with ignition coil power drivers For use with VR crank and camshaft sync sensors 680
EFM13B-100 Euro 2 ECU with ignition coil power drivers For use with VR crank sensor and Hall effect camshaft sync sensor 680
EFM13B-700 Euro 2 ECU with logic ignition coil drivers For use with Hall effect crank and camshaft sync sensors 680

Euro 2

Management system for engines having up to 8 cylinders
Variable camshaft timing (multi-cam control)
CAN BUS input and output
Automatic closed loop fuel mapping
Flat shift gear control
Lap timer
Onboard diagnostic (self check sensor values)

System overview

  • PowerPC microprocessor
  • 4 cylinders in fully sequential mode, 8 cylinders in grouped mode
  • Automatic fuel mapping
  • Closed-loop lambda control
  • Closed-loop boost control
  • Closed-loop variable camshaft control (VCT, VVT, VANOS etc.)
  • Closed-loop water pump control
  • Closed-loop idle control (stepper motor, idel air valve and ignition)
  • 2 selectable maps (all features in the ECU can be switch while driving)


  • 5 analog inputs (0-5v)
  • 4 trigger inputs (Hall/VR) for crank and cam sensors
  • 2 spare digital inputs
  • 2 temperature sensor inputs
  • 1 built-in barometric air pressure sensor
  • Wheel speed input (Hall)


  • 4 fuel injector drivers
  • 4 ignition drivers
  • 8 multipurpose PWM and switch outputs
  • 1 5V VREF sensor power supply


  • CAN 2.0B interface
  • Multiple pre-programmed and user defined CAN export and import
    • FIA RX datalogger
    • Bosch ABS data import
    • General data import and export
    • VW Dash protocol (500Kbit)
  • 3 CAN identifiers available for export (user defined)

Special features

  • Lambda sensor for closed loop PI fuel trim
  • Special engine trigger patterns including several for motorcycle engines
  • Programmable firing order
  • Flat shift with closed-loop gear position control
  • Comprehensive CAN features
  • Special version available with fully encrypted software
  • Launch control (can be external controlled with potentiometer and switch)
  • 2 programs in one ECU switchable on the fly


  • Dimensions (very small and light)
    • Weight 381g (13 oz.)
    • 165 x 95 x 21mm  (6 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 7/8")
    • All injection molded plastic and high-end vibration stable SMD PCB
  • Automotive connector with 35 pins

Conditions for usage

  • Temperature range -30 to 85 Celsius (-22 to 185 Fahrenheit)
  • Power supply 6-17v
  • Splash-proof


Description Downloads
Euro 2 firmware 082
Euro 2 firmware 082.XIP ( xip 0.15 MB )


Description Downloads
PDF version
OBR Euro 2 Pinout.pdf ( pdf 0.31 MB )

Product information

Description Downloads
OBR Euro 2 product information
OBR Euro 2.pdf ( pdf 2.08 MB )